Spynel-U: Your perimeter intrusion detection solution

  • Uncooled Long-Wave InfraRed (LWIR) sensor
  • Integrated visible panoramic camera as an option
  • Human detection range: up to 2.5 km

*Visit our FAQ for more info on Detection, Recognition, Identification Ranges

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Perimeter intrusion detection system at a fair cost! 



Spynel-U is an uncooled, long-wave infrared camera solution. You have the possibility to add a full panoramic HD visible camera as an option. Be it at night in total darkness, or through bad weather, Spynel-U can detect a human at up to 2.5km.

Did you know ? This uncooled IR sensor is now the most cost-effective system of our Spynel range. On top of that, it requires no maintenance.

Detect, recognize and identify multiple threats early & react fast!


Spynel-U is the best IR surveillance solution for the surveillance of infrastructure such as airports, ports or critical infrastructure perimeter monitoring. Solid, reliable & cost effective, it is able to detect multiple threats simultaneously, even the most difficult to detect, like small or moving ones. Spynel-U does not require any cryogenic cooler and ensures long-term reliability and maintenance-free operation.

Spynel-U & cyclope - tracked man

Main Benefits:

  • Reliable IR surveillance against asymmetric threats,
  • Cost-effective,
  • One single sensor for a 360° coverage,
  • Day & night panoramic surveillance even in bad weather,
  • Simultaneous tracking of all threats,
  • High resolution image quality,
  • Solid, compact and lightweight, allowing a fast deployment,
  • Fully passive & undetectable,
  • Uncooled system
  • Maintenance-free

Applications: Why use Spynel-U?

  • Persistent wide area surveillance
  • Perimeter security
  • Operational 24/7
  • 360° detection of asymmetrical threats
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Airport / Airfield / Port surveillance
  • Border and coastal passive surveillance